Friday, October 11, 2013

New Album by The Great White Hyphe

The Great a White Hyphe is back with 2013 Mega Hit,"From the Furlough..... to the Hall!!! 

Where the, "Tea Party's Gots My Balls!!!"

And follow up reggae single, "Yemen, Syria, Iran to Djibouti"

Critics review: "Botswana Red Stripe and play Congo? Play pool, but if you lose, Iraq!"

Featuring a Hipster Sensation taken so sensational, you forgot you even had sensations featured on the sensational track, "Twerkin' on da Railroad"

And finally hidden album gem, "Smokin Obamacare in the Tenderloin"
Because, "Crack is Wak...that 'Obamacare'?! Damn, smoke it cause that stuffs just there..."

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