Friday, October 11, 2013

New Album by The Great White Hyphe

The Great a White Hyphe is back with 2013 Mega Hit,"From the Furlough..... to the Hall!!! 

Where the, "Tea Party's Gots My Balls!!!"

And follow up reggae single, "Yemen, Syria, Iran to Djibouti"

Critics review: "Botswana Red Stripe and play Congo? Play pool, but if you lose, Iraq!"

Featuring a Hipster Sensation taken so sensational, you forgot you even had sensations featured on the sensational track, "Twerkin' on da Railroad"

And finally hidden album gem, "Smokin Obamacare in the Tenderloin"
Because, "Crack is Wak...that 'Obamacare'?! Damn, smoke it cause that stuffs just there..."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You Tube Sock Video Series: Dog Puppet feat JustBeckause

The Great White Hyphe in conjunction with Dar Far associates and Beckulater bring you the newest installment of YouTube innovation: "I can do the You Tube better that you foo" in their newest installment:

Cat Person, Dog Puppet

We can do the YouTube better than YOU fool

You Tube
Tube Sock
DOG Puppet

Baile Funk/Fidget House Tracks

Baile Funk track some of my hommies produced here in SF:

Baile Funk

And Trevor Simpson and Homer Espinosa's Baile Fidget Track:

Trevor Simpson's Baile Fidget>

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Mac and My 'Weed'


The Great White Hyphe
Oakland, CA

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great White Hyphe, World Play no. 1

Great White Hyphe, World Play no. 1

"Hella Hyphy Hellas?!"

I fill condoms with holy water and throw them and abstinate vampires
just to watch them burn like camp fires

Salma Hayek-esque desires

You know, the little shit that inspires
Needles through knows like telephone wires
Hot like burning rubber nascar tires

Won hit one-ders expire
like misplaced avocados under umbrellas

On street corners 'hollarin' at lustfull lost Cindarellas

Come on fellas

Or is all you can say just hella hyphy hellas?!

A Hella Hyphy Avacado

~GWH/MM/TS 2007~

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kinky Hose Party and Video Shoot

Come beat the heat and get down with my kinky ass hose in my back yard...Do the Right Thing playing Upstairs, ghetto BBQ, 40s, Sals Famous and possibly more...

PLUS: Exclusive Great White Hyphe video shoot for hit single, Beaches and Hose!!!!!

Bring Your Own Damn Kinky Ass Hose

Brought to you by The Great White Hyphe and World Town Scortchers Back Yard BBQ Series...